Testing Options

Testing Options, Interpretation, and Results: Spirituality and Religion in the Genetic Counseling Setting

Thanks to Sharanya Kumaravel, Master’s candidate in Genetic Counseling at the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, for her work as a contributing author for this case.

Expert Commentary by Rebecca Anderson, JD, MS, CGC, College of Public Health, Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE.

Learning Objectives*:

By the end of this case, genetic counselors will be able to:

  1. Explain the steps involved in discussing testing options, interpretation, and results.

  2. Elicit and interpret individual and family experience, behaviors, emotions, perceptions and attitudes that may clarify clients’ religious and spiritual beliefs and values.

  3. Increase awareness of factors that contribute to decision making in genetic counseling settings.

  4. Incorporate assessment and discussion of religion and spirituality in genetic counseling sessions.

  5. Facilitate decision making in an unbiased, non-coercive manner.


*Learning objectives are modified from “Making Sense of Genetic Uncertainty: The Role of Religion and Spirituality” (White, 2009).





















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