A Genetic Counseling Cultural Competence Toolkit

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FeetThis section of the Genetic Counseling Cultural Competence toolkit serves two major purposes. The first purpose is to help people who want to enhance their familiarity with genetic counseling (such as students, medical interpreters, health care providers, consumers, etc.). The Basic Concepts: Genetic Counseling and Genetics section features links to many sites to learn more about fundamentals related to the practice of genetic counseling including terminology, information about genetics and genetic conditions, genetics educational modules, and many other resources. These links may also serve as a source for genetic counselors to use to access basic information when they are writing talks, working with students, etc.

The second major purpose of this section of the toolkit is to help genetic counselors and other users learn more about basic definitions and fundamental concepts related to cultural and linguistic competence. From the Basic Concepts: Cultural and Linguistic Competence section we provide links to national information resources. We also provide links to information about legislation and national standards regarding cultural competency.