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The National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) has authorized Genetic Counseling Toolkit, LLC  to offer up to 1.443 CEUs or 14.43 Category 1 contact hours for the activity Genetic Counseling Cultural Competence Toolkit Cases Online Course. The American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) will accept CEUs earned at this program for the purposes of genetic counselor certification and recertification.
NSGC approval of the course as a CEU opportunity is valid through January 31, 2025.

What users are saying about the Genetic Counseling Cultural Competence Toolkit

Feedback from Genetic Counselors:
"Thank you for an excellent and very interesting course! Also, I'm very glad to hear your site will be available for the next two years. It's invaluable!"

"This was a very useful course."

"Thanks for the interesting learning opportunity! I enjoyed it."

"Incidentally, this course was FANTASTIC."

"This is actually one on-line learning that I'm looking forward to!"

"I find the entire toolkit interesting, especially the case examples are extremely interesting and the literature provided is extremely helpful and interesting."

"Thank you for this wonderful learning opportunity! I will encourage my colleagues to enroll."

"I found this learning opportunity to be highly informative and personally challenging!"

"Thank you for the time and effort put into developing the cultural competence toolkit. It was most educational and enjoyable."

"Thanks...Excellent course by the way!!"

"Thanks for all of your work in putting together these cases! A number of the cases were thought provoking and I enjoyed going through it."

Feedback from Genetic Counseling Program Directors:
"I have incorporated the toolkit in three separate classes. I have noticed that the toolkit cases have given the students a deeper appreciation of the impact of culture on the genetic counseling process and it has gotten them more engaged/enthusiastic about learning about cultural issues. So thank you for putting this together!"

“I spent about 30 minutes looking for something that will help me lead a discussion on the Rebecca Skloot book....and found exactly what I was looking for in the Health disparities section, which, I think, is underexplored in the book. Such of wealth of teaching tools. It will be impossible to use the entire website but there are so many options you will surely find something that fits your needs or your environment.”

Feedback from a Genetic Counseling Student:
“The various introductory pages I explored do a good job of explaining why cultural competence is important without sounding repetitive. I really liked some of the multilingual resources. I did not know many of them existed, but it will be helpful to have them all compiled in one location for future use. It was neat to read some of the genetic counselors' cultural competency tips and identify with their individual experiences.”

Feedback from a Spanish Medical and Mental Health Interpreter:
"I became very interested in learning about genetic counseling after I was a participant in the webinar that took place on June 14, 2010. Ms. Warren was a presenter in the webinar. The website is very informative. I have been spending two or three hours a day reading about genetic counseling. I also have visited some of the links. I think it is perfect….I want to be the best Spanish medical interpreter for the genetic counselors.”

Feedback from a College Student who will be applying to Genetic Counseling Programs:
"I really liked the toolkit and it was a great way to introduce the methods in which genetic counselors go through cases....I spent about 20 hours going over the casebook, exercises, and suggested links on the site."


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