A Genetic Counseling Cultural Competence Toolkit


Registration Options and Procedures


The National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) has approved the Cases for up to 1.44 CEUs or 14.43 contact hours (Category 1). You have up to one year (from date of registration) to finish the course. There are no refunds.

1. Registration Option A)      Register for the entire 9 Case Module series-approved for 1.44 Category 1 CEUs.

Price: $200 Registration fee + $35 CEU fee (required) = $235

Registration Option: $200

Required Fee

Additional Fee
If you only paid the $25 Required Fee,
please pay the additional $10 here.

Registration Option B)      Register for your choice of any number/combination of 1-8 case(s), approved for varied Category 1 CEUs.

Price:  Registration fee varies according to number and choice of Case(s) + one $35 CEU fee (required).

Click the "Add to Cart" button for each Case ordered.

Individual Cases Registration Options:
Required Fee


After you register:

1. Access the Cases Main Menu by clicking on this link or click on the Cases tab from any page of the website.

2. We will send you the case quizzes and evaluation forms by email.

3. As you work through the cases, note your responses to the multiple choice quiz questions and answer the evaluation questions on the forms.

4. When you are finished learning, complete the program evaluation questions on the forms, tally the number of CEUs earned, sign and date the forms, and send the 4 pages of completed forms to geneticcounselingtoolkit@gmail.com. Keep a copy for your records.

5. We will grade your quiz responses and the score will be sent to you by email. A quiz score of 80% is required to earn CEUs. We will send you an informal Certificate of Completion.

6. Your 4 page evaluation form and CEU fees will be submitted to NSGC at the next quarterly  submission date (March 15, June 15, September 15, December 1).  The NSGC will send confirmation to you by email of Category 1 CEUs earned for completing this learning by the end of the calendar year. 

Privacy Policy
No information about you will be shared with any other parties. However, if you register for Category 1 CEUs, we are required to send the following information to the NSGC to complete the CEU submission process: your name, address, and your 4-digit NSGC member number.

Please direct questions about CEUs, fees, registration procedures, privacy policies, etc, to:  geneticcounselingtoolkit@gmail.com.